When You Need Medical Care

Emergency Situations

Dial 911. Seek emergency care immediately. Upon recovery, you or a loved one can complete the steps necessary to submit related medical expenses to Share HealthCare.

Non-Emergency Situations

In a non-emergency situation, consider browsing Share HealthCare’s Provider List to find medical providers with a history of working with Share HealthCare. Shop by procedure, facility, or provider to find the care you need at a price you can afford. If time permits, submit a pre-notification through the Share HealthCare Member Dashboard.

Should I Go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

If you sustain an injury that is not life-threatening, but requires immediate care, consider an urgent care facility. Urgent care centers typically have shorter wait times and lower prices than the ER.

What Do I Do at the Doctor’s Office?

  1. Present your Member ID card to your doctor. Your ID card has all the information your doctor will need, including our billing information. There is also contact information for your provider if they have any questions.
  2. Tell your healthcare provider that as a healthcare sharing member, you are a self-pay patient.
  3. Request a self-pay discount. Healthcare providers will often extend self-pay patients the same discount that insurance companies receive because it expedites the payment process and reduces the amount of paperwork. A typical discount is approximately 40 percent.
  4. Request an Itemized Bill.
    • An Itemized Bill contains:
      • Patient’s Name
      • Date of Service
      • Location of Service
      • CPT codes for all services rendered
      • Itemized list of expenses
  5. If you are offered a discount of significantly less than 40 percent, contact a Share HealthCare Member Services Representative before accepting a discount or making a payment. We advocate on your behalf to secure the lowest price possible.
  6. If you are denied a Self-Pay discount, please use your card and direct the Provider to bill Share HealthCare via the PayerID for Electronic Claims Submissions or the P.O. Box for Paper Claim Submissions.
  7. Apply for financial assistance, if you qualify. There are many sources of financial assistance available specifically for medical services.
  8. Ask your provider to bill you directly and establish a payment plan. Set up monthly payments to your provider until your bills are processed for sharing. Once Share HealthCare members begin meeting your needs, those voluntary contributions reimburse your direct payments to the provider.
  9. Submit Itemized Bill to Share HealthCare via the Member Portal.

Maternity Care

  1. Seek medical care as soon as you know you’re pregnant.
  2. Request a Written Pre-Payment Agreement from your maternity provider.
  3. Submit Pre-Payment Agreement to Share HealthCare
  4. Additional procedures (testing, lab work, etc.) should be submitted as an add-on to the initial agreement amount.
  5. Please consult the Share HealthCare Member Handbook for additional maternity information.