How Does Health Sharing Work?

What is Health Sharing?

Health sharing is not insurance. Share HealthCare connects healthy and active individuals and their families to the healthcare they need through voluntary member-to-member direct cost sharing conducted via a secure online interface.

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How Does Health Sharing Work?

Health sharing works because of the kindness and generosity of people like you!

Members contribute a monthly share amount through our secure member-to-member direct cost sharing network, and those contributions are matched directly to medical expenses posted by other Share HealthCare members–your friends and neighbors.

Member-to-Member Direct Cost Sharing

Our secure member-to-member direct cost sharing network facilitates direct medical cost sharing between members’ FDIC-insured accounts. Each member receives his or her own unique federally regulated bank account to give and receive funds.

Funds are never pooled in a centralized account. Your contributions are transferred directly in a one-to-one transaction that uplifts those in need–in real time. 

Keep Your Doctor & Save Money

Share HealthCare works directly with healthcare providers to negotiate on your behalf for lower medical bills. Plus, our members enjoy freedom of choice when it comes to choosing their own doctors and hospitals.

All you have to do is show your Share HealthCare card, pay a small provider fee, and your provider submits the bill to Share HealthCare for re-negotiation and payment.

Once processed, funds from your fellow members are electronically transferred straight from their accounts to your account. It’s a digital solution to the analog problem of rising healthcare costs.