About Share Healthcare

Our Goals

  • Relieve the burden of troublesome medical expenses
  • Inspire individuals to lead healthy, happy, and active lives
  • Honor Christian principles of generosity and healthy living
  • Provide a first-class user experience and superior member services

Share Healthcare is not health insurance. We are a non-profit, ACA-exempt medical cost sharing ministry using the latest online technology to provide an enhanced user experience along with convenient and affordable access to the healthcare you need.

Our secure online sharing network allows us to offer direct member-to-member medical cost sharing. With this technology, we’re proud to offer a twenty-first century solution to the problem of rising healthcare costs. Share Healthcare is a fully compliant online medical cost sharing ministry, by providing each member an individualized, FDIC-insured bank account where their monthly contributions are held until being shared to pay fellow members’ medical expenses.

Our programs are based upon Christian values and biblical passages which teach us to maintain healthy and fit lifestyles, share the weight of others’ burdens, and to love our neighbors. It’s our belief that necessary medical treatments should be affordable and accessible to all who agree to our Christian principles and Statement of Beliefs.

We invite all who agree to our biblical principles and Statement of Beliefs to join us in the Christian tradition of healthcare sharing.

Take Charge of Your Own Health

Our current for-profit healthcare system is challenging to navigate. Share Healthcare is here to help you find your way through the confusion with a convenient online dashboard so you can quickly submit and view medical expenses, easy-to-understand terms for common healthcare costs, plus an intuitive user interface for a one-stop online medical cost sharing solution.

Complete Financial Transparency

Share Healthcare is committed to complete financial transparency. Our members’ individualized, FDIC-insured bank accounts allow for funds to be distributed directly between members for true real-time member-to-member cost sharing. Our members’ dashboard provides up-to-date status updates about your transactions, so you are always in the loop when it comes to your health.