Share HealthCare FAQs

  • What is Health Sharing?

    Health sharing is not insurance. Share HealthCare connects healthy and active individuals and their families to affordable, high-quality healthcare through voluntary member-to-member direct cost sharing conducted via a secure online interface.

  • How does Share HealthCare reduce healthcare costs?

    Our members strive to live healthy and active lifestyles which means they make fewer trips to the doctor, have shorter recovery periods, and incur fewer medical expenses as a result. When a member submits their medical expenses, Share HealthCare negotiates on behalf of the member for a lower price, passing the savings along to our community.

  • What conditions are eligible for sharing?

    Our Statement of Beliefs states that only medically necessary procedures may be shared, preventing your funds from paying for elective or cosmetic procedures, or those which result from unhealthy habits or dangerous activities. Please review our sharing guidelines for the complete list of conditions.

  • Is Share HealthCare a non-profit organization?

    Yes! We are a 501c3 non-profit healthcare sharing ministry.

  • Can I keep my insurance?

    Yes! While many members have Share HealthCare as their primary healthcare option, it may be used in conjunction with an insurance policy. If you owe money even after insurance payments, you may submit the eligible balances to Share Healthcare for reimbursement.

  • How do I sign up?

    Easy! Select the program option that best fits your needs and apply online. Once we’ve received your Member Information Sheet, our membership team will contact you to begin sharing. Once we’ve received your completed Member Information Sheet, our membership team will contact you to begin sharing.

  • When does cost sharing begin?

    When your membership is activated and you contribute your first monthly share, those funds help others in need immediately. New members become eligible to receive shares after 60 days of enrollment.

  • Are funds pooled into a centralized account?

    Never! Each member receives his or her own individualized, FDIC-insured bank account and all transactions are performed via our secure health sharing network for truly direct one-to-one medical cost sharing facilitated in real time. Contributions are always shared between member bank accounts and are never collected in a central location.

  • Is Share HealthCare ACA-exempt?

    Yes we are! Share HealthCare members are exempt from the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act. As of January 1, 2019, the mandate is no longer in effect at the federal level, but your state may require additional documentation. We recommend consulting with a legal advisor or your tax preparer to determine your state’s specific requirements.

  • What makes Share HealthCare different from other health sharing ministries?

    In a word, technology. Our innovative and secure member-to-member direct cost sharing network is a web-based solution engineered from the ground up to facilitate direct one-to-one healthcare sharing in real time. Our easy-to-use online dashboard puts your healthcare at your fingertips. Submit medical expenses, browse the list of providers, view your membership information, make charitable donations, and receive shares–all in real time.

  • Will I have to pay a deductible or co-pay?

    No. Share HealthCare does not have deductibles or co-pays. But, we do have a Per Event Personal Expense or Annual Unshared Amount, depending on which you choose. These are the amounts you are responsible for paying - either on a per incident or per year basis - before remaining eligible medical expenses can be shared.

  • Is Share HealthCare available for employers?

    Yes! Businesses which adhere to our inclusive Statement of Beliefs may offer Share HealthCare to their employees. Please contact support to inquire about group health sharing options and availability.

  • What do I tell my doctor?

    Share HealthCare members have a few options when visiting their doctor. Most members present their membership card and request that providers send the bill to us. Or, you may register as a self-pay patient, ask for a self-pay discount, and submit expenses directly via the membership dashboard.

    In either situation, please be sure to request an itemized bill including diagnostic codes and receipts so that Share HealthCare has all the information required to advocate on your behalf.

  • Is a physical exam required to join?

    No. Members complete a brief health questionnaire upon enrollment which is reviewed by nurses on-staff, and any follow-up is handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    No! Members may withdraw from Share HealthCare at their convenience. We politely request a minimum 30 days advance notice as a courtesy to our other members.

  • What happens in an emergency?

    If you experience a medical emergency, call 911. Emergency room visits are sharable after a nominal ER visit fee. Share HealthCare will advocate on your behalf to re-negotiate your ER bills.

  • How do I access my membership card?

    To access your membership card, login to your online member account. On the main screen of your online member account, you will see your membership card. From there, you will see an option to download a copy of your membership card.