How to Join?

Sharing Healthcare Is Easy

Share Healthcare makes sharing medical expenses easy with our secure member-to-member direct cost sharing. We take the guesswork out of the complicated healthcare system by providing members with a simple, time-honored way to pay for their medical expenses at reduced prices while putting decision-making power into the hands of our members.

How To Apply For Share Healthcare’s Medical Cost-Sharing Programs

  1. Select Membership Size — Share Healthcare offers memberships for individuals, couples, and families, so you can choose based on your situation.
  2. Create An Account — Create an account using your email address. This email may be used to communicate important information about your cost-sharing program, so please select an email that you check regularly.
  3. Submit Information — Provide medical information about yourself and any family members joining you in the program and complete a brief medical questionnaire.
  4. Wait For Response — Please allow up to three business days for our member services staff to receive your Sharing Member Information Sheet and contact you to complete your registration.
  5. Enjoy Medical Cost-Sharing – Upon approval, you may now enjoy the benefits of medical cost-sharing. Welcome to Share Healthcare!